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[done] qp5_more_db_work

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[done] qp5_more_db_work

Postby EdB » Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:37 pm ... re_db_work

This one is huge and I didn't keep a draft while working on it, so all I know is the bits in my head.

1) intro items changed. I forget the details, but there were conflicts in what would happen under reasonably common circumstances. The conflict is resolved more or less, but this one might upset some folks :(

2) the installer is completely different. we now use 4 files to install all the bits, if we do samples on install. that also allows us to put the same new file names into /qp_config/ and make a custom installation happen with custom content (blogs, cats, items, users).

3) we have 3 new templates. The new "pictogram" was a branch Yabs was doing when he died. I did the best I could with it, but following Yabs' mind took a type of code-madness that I can only dream of one day achieving.

gotta get busy elsewhere. see "the vault" for details ...
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