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[done] qp5_colls-blogs_chaps-cats

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[done] qp5_colls-blogs_chaps-cats

Postby EdB » Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:35 am ... chaps-cats
This one does a heck of a lot of database steps, mostly focused on making "collections" be "blogs" and "chapters" be "categories" again. And yeah it is a significant amount of change that might affect your plugins. And maybe templates I guess. Probably the best thing to do is see if your plugin (and maybe template) doesn't work and if not what's the error, because the list of things to "find and replace" is fairly long.

Marked 'mature' but not in merge due to I really wanna get a lot of testing done before ringing that bell :)
Some controllers got renamed:
  • ctrl=collections => ctrl=blogs
  • ctrl=chapters => ctrl=cats
  • ctrl=coll_settings => ctrl=blog_settings
Some functions got renamed:
  • get_sql_where_aggregate_coll_IDs() => get_sql_where_aggregate_blog_IDs()
  • get_by_coll_container() => get_by_blog_container()
  • get_coll_setting() => get_blog_setting()
  • where_chapter() => where_category()
  • set_coll_list_params() => set_blog_list_params()
  • where_chapter2() => where_category2()
Some ... things that have capital letters got renamed too. BTW every instance of "Chapter" is now "Category" but I went searching for ChapterCache so that's what's in my notes :)
  • CollSettings => BlogSettings
  • ChapterCache => CategoryCache
And finally some lower-case letter stuff got renamed:
  • chapter_posts_per_page => category_posts_per_page
  • chapter_noindex => category_noindex
  • chapter_links => category_links
  • chapter_ordering => category_order
  • coll_list_permname => blog_list_permname
  • coll_list_url_params => blog_list_url_params
  • coll_list_onclick => blog_list_onclick
  • coll_list_all_title => blog_list_all_title
  • sub_coll_ID => sub_blog_ID
  • wi_coll_ID => wi_widget_blog_ID

Finally, if your template has a "item.css" file, rename it to "tinymce.css" and if you use the tinymce editor then your writing/editing will pick up the styles from that style sheet.
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Re: [done] qp5_colls-blogs_chaps-cats

Postby EdB » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:12 pm

I noticed there are still quite a few places where "coll" still exists. Oh well eh? Eventually they'll rise to the top as a remnant and get corrected, but not now :)
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