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I haz forked ur project [b2evo fork notification]

Were can you find us, what is registered in 'our' name

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Re: I haz forked ur project [b2evo fork notification]

Postby Laibcoms » Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:50 am

stk wrote:Oh ... I could see blog | twitter | facebook | IM contact icons for team members, if everyone agrees (or PM links for QP forums or something).

Yep, that will be great.. more "Web 2.0"-ness and more "social". Hmm, let's see.. for me these are the info/links I'm willing to "publicize"

Microblog: (I changed my mind on putting my Twitter)
Blog: (can I include also ? :p )
Public-IM: XMPP/Jabber ->

For Facebook, I'm still thinking about it, but probably not since I use it for networking only, not really for chatting or support requests.

A PM link for QP forums, it's a good idea. Or maybe we can use some ticketing system or CRM?
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Re: I haz forked ur project [b2evo fork notification]

Postby EdB » Sun May 02, 2010 3:08 pm

I added my domain to laibcom's letter because social media stuff is not my thing even though for RE I'm pretty much stuck learning to love it.

A tiny little bit for me for when we go there:
EdB wrote:Footer spam is like a cancer that consumed b2evo's soul. Maintaining my own version, free of all the poison infesting the rotting core of a once-great app, was like keeping a pet zombie. Way more trouble than it is worth, and one day you're gonna have to bash it's head in with a length of pipe anyway so WTF dude. Forking it, or tearing it apart and rebuilding it, is cool. Like Frankenstein only without the laboratory in a castle thing. Or the bolts in the neck. Bolting on the head is sooooo web 1.0 ;)
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Re: I haz forked ur project [b2evo fork notification]

Postby tilqi » Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:06 pm

this is the first time i see this topic, -it's been very long it seems-. maybe some of the above was over the line, some was just appropriate, but the common sense tells the same thing.

Apart from the fact that i am very sorry to see b2evo dying or almost died, i kind of was glad to see that it has been abandoned, since it would have been a loss of time, as we endured FG's neglect. I sure hoped FG would change and listen to everyone, and b2 would come to a very different place by now, maybe it would compete with wp and other cms / blog engines.. But it was the best it seems, since b2 was going nowhere but downhill.

As the other cms and blog engines are coming up with innovative changes, almost nothing 'useful' change in b2 in over 4 years and 2 major releases.

I remember back in the day, everyone was so ethutiastic about 3.x and up, Yabs building ajax widgets and BOPIT, blogrums and a lot of other shit, major plugins got upgraded/created by sam2kb, tblue did a lot of bugfixing and everyone else was pitching in as they could... i really dont know where it did go wrong, or should i say when we actually noticed there was no hope for FG.

Anyway, if i had one sentence to say to fp, which i numerous times did in several ways, i 'd say:
"Wish you have listened to the 'family' fp."

ps: @randsco: just out of curiousity, what is that "i am king" post you've been mentioning?
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