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just a blog

Post links to your QP installation(s) here, and maybe say what version or what special tricks you did to make it be what you wanted?

just a blog

Postby EdB » Wed May 18, 2011 4:03 pm is QP-driven ... sorta. Unfortunately it is a bit mutated from real QP. Mutations that I now have to undo to get back to real QP. Some of the mutations are slowly getting into core, others probably never will. Heck maybe that is something I can work on today - catalog the diffs and start correcting them.

Anyway it is pretty much normal. US Highway theme cuz I'm a truck driver now. Currently sitting in a terminal waiting for a bunch of monkeys to maybe try to fix an electrical problem, so I got some time to kill...
  • A custom plugin to make a little interstate sign out of my end-of-day location, direction, & mileage. I reckon this one will never see the light of day because it is very much specific to this template and my job.
  • The font for the header and sidebar titles is the real US Highway font. I sort of guessed at which weight (or whatever they call it) to use for different locations based on viewability instead of how the highway system uses them.
  • The colors used are, to the best of my ability, the real colors from the highway system. The problem there is that they do pantone colors - not html - and I found a couple of different opinions about what each color actually converts to. Oh well eh?
  • The bullets for lists are spec signs shrunk down really small. I found a bunch of pdf files from the official highway act website but haven't used them as much as I wanted to.
  • Oh and I have a plugin that automagically resizes images I upload to a width more appropriate for inline use. Haven't released that one due to QP still has a problem with multiple instances of a plugin - it doesn't automagically generate a new code and title for the plugin, so the second instance won't actually run and both carry the same title on the plugins page. This plugin clearly should allow multiple instances, so we need a core change for this to be released publicly.

My safety cones on the bottom didn't work so well. They're okay on a permalink page, but obviously not right on a multipost page or a disp=foo page. Dunno about a page-page... Also I'm still not too happy about the white text on black background. I'm forcing a font that helps, but tinkering in that area I didn't ever get to something I thought was easy on the eyes. Oh well eh? Oh and I have an awesome big rig silhouette that is too wide for the sidebar but seriously needs to get into play. So maybe that's what I'll play with today.
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Re: just a blog

Postby Kimberly » Wed May 18, 2011 5:19 pm

EdB wrote: Unfortunately it is a bit mutated from real QP.

As are the two blogs I am working on for someone that are running on QP; I have made some changes. At first I thought that unlike that other proggy, I would be running a pure QP installation. However, I now realise that will not be the case. The reason is that QP; and this goes for any other application as well, will never be 100% of how I want it to be. I am sure that goes for many others as well. The idea is to find an application that focuses on providing a good solid stable core that provides most of what I want; and QP does that, and add the changes particular to the way I like to work. Yes, it makes it harder to upgrade since an upgrade will overwrite my changes; however, as long as I document the changes I made, it is not that big of an effort (usually) to reincorporate my changes into a new release.
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Re: just a blog

Postby Yabs » Sun May 22, 2011 2:02 pm

Love the hover effect in the sidebar ;)

And the gaudy blue links in the footer just finish it off to a T ... Damn, gonna have to go some if I want my new tacky pad to beat yah! ;)

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