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My fave plugins wishlist

Now that you've read stuff first and introduced yourself, the next thing you'll probably want to do is say what you want Quam Plures to have and do. So here ya go: A feature request forum!

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My fave plugins wishlist

Postby Daethian » Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:35 pm

Throwing this out there for consideration. I read the blueprints thread... ok fine I skimmed it... about developing plugins but that didn't seem to be a place to make requests. So the plugins I would love to have in QP:

Creative Commons
Quick Tags
Quick Text
Quick Upload- (the Image Attachments is pretty freaking sweet with the alignment options for embedding but can I get this in a quicker fashion with a Quick Upload button?) On my regular blog I upload images on the fly. On my photoblog I batch upload via FTP so I use both methods of getting pics into posts right now.

oooh something just popped into my head... I use the Twitter plug in to push my blog posts to my twitter account. Is there some way to pull any twitter replies or retweets of a post to show in the comments area (I think PC World does this?). Probably some feed type thing I guess. I know you can do a twitter widget in the sidebar but that's just a general feed, not specific to a blog post. Also, can you configure twitter widgets to only pull tweets containing specific keywords or hashtags?? Like on my blog it would be cool to have any tweets about say dog adoptions scrolling in my twitter widget.
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Re: My fave plugins wishlist

Postby EdB » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:57 pm

Creative Commons is way high up on my list of plugins to migrate but it is a really hard one to do. Countries that adopt a licensing scheme have to be added, and many countries change the licensing scheme they align with over time so all that has to be reviewed and updated. Quite the time-consuming process! Plus I think they no longer require/expect RDF in the code so I have to maybe take that out if it is still there (they used to want you to have both human and machine readable licenses is what I mean).

Quick Tags is already there, and we merged in "more tags" so you get more tags than just quick tags. Colors and stuff.

Quick Text wasn't exactly on my list because I stopped using it but it won't be that hard to get done once I get into the game of migrating and upgrading all my plugins. If I recall correctly, there was some really sloppy stuff I wanted to change. I THINK I wanted to be able to name the button so you didn't have to remember what each button was. Or that might be another similar plugin.

Quick Upload I know nothing about, but there have been some changes in how QP handles inserting images. Also Kimberly is or was working on another button for uploading while writing. Anyway that opens another can of worms outside your plugin list.

Not sure on the twitter stuff. I'm not much on twitter - just enough to make a functional plugin. We have one small change already in process: tweet the title if there is no post content, and another one that we know we need: allow for tweeting from a "master" account representing the blog itself and/or the whole installation. Getting a count of retweets and actual replies to a tweet MIGHT be possible and it sounds kinda cool. Sorta like making feedbacks be "comments, trackbacks, maybe tweet-replies". Pulling a keyword thing sounds easy, but not now. Right now laundry sounds like lots of fun. Then I get to go to Colorado for a few hours.
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