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Why three bars?

Now that you've read stuff first and introduced yourself, the next thing you'll probably want to do is say what you want Quam Plures to have and do. So here ya go: A feature request forum!

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Why three bars?

Postby gcasanova » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:12 pm

I would keep only two bars, instead of the three ones. I'm not sure if the top one or the second one. In my case I find the second one easier.
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Re: Why three bars?

Postby EdB » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:16 pm

Which 2 of which 3 are you referring to? Cuz I count 4 navigation bars ... and a fifth that never gets mentioned cuz it ain't in a bar.

navbar / gray bar - pinned to the top and usually accessible from the public side if you're logged in.
red bar - high-level list of basically controllers but not all controllers. Blog settings, Tools - those bits.
green bar - blog selector, visible on any red bar selection where one might need to pick a blog.
blue bar - more details beyond what red or red+green provides. Exists on most admin pages.

Red and green are almost fully duplicated by gray, but not 100% and there's some animosity towards the gray bar being slower than slow and stuff. I briefly tried to cram red and green into one line and got fairly half-way successful BUT it will break into 2 lines under some very repeatable circumstances so what's the point? In some cases it would be nice if blue was off on the sidebar, but not all cases where blue exists has a sidebar to put it on.

Oh and hi :)

Edit Dang. Forgot about the rarely mentioned fifth level. Visit the Stats-Hit summary page and you'll have gray, red, green, blue, AND "Global hits Browser hits Robot hits RSS/Atom hits" inside the box thing. Quite a few of the blue-bar pages under Stats have that fifth level, but I don't think any other page in admin does that type of thing.

No one has paid too much attention to the stats page(s) yet. Probably gonna wait till after v0 happens because one really old thought is to get rid of the stupid flash thing and go with CSS to display the info visually. It also needs some serious tweaking for what it is all about, but anyone no one has gone there and it happens to be where the 5th level of navigation lives.
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