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The future of this project but not in a "I want a pony" sort of way. This is all about everything meta about Quam Plures. The general direction, the support tools, stuff like that.

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TODO before next release

Postby EdB » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:05 pm

Just my idea of what we're waiting for, others may know of other things, some things I think matter might not actually matter.

1) A reasonable explanation of what the version numbers mean. '0.0.0', to me, should have been '1'. All the plugins I'm doing outside of core are starting at 1 because I see no reason for dotting them.

2) CamelCase plugin hooks. Somewhere I posted one that I think should be. There are only a few, and only a few plugin authors, but to me if the function exists in core ONLY to be filled in by a plugin then we should CamelCase it. Seems like an easy explanation for camel casing is the thing.

3) app_nonces. I guess I should stick my nose in that branch because some of the non-code stuff is just not the way the app is made, but those who are into making that branch happen should probably get on it eh?

4) html5 step one, which has nothing to do with html5. It has everything to do with a database upgrade though, which app_nonces does, but app_nonces doesn't go after that area at all. Well, technically it is a step towards html5 by typing a template as 'xhtml' instead of the current 'normal'. One day we'll then add a type 'html5' and be all shiny. That is the only reason this branch has html5 in it's name.

5) Translations. I kinda know how to trigger LP to rebuild the master messages.pot file but I've no idea how to get any/all translations back into core and I'm not sure at all about the _global.php files we have.

That's all I got in my head right now. There are a million little things I'd like to get done, of course, but there always will be. To me the list above is the stuff we should do THEN make a release.

OMG I almost forgot 6) decide the structure of what we package. I'm pretty sure everybody was okay with the zip having a folder inside it that held all the files we have, but I'm also pretty sure "upload_files" wasn't exactly a popular name for that folder. Probably quam plures or quam-plures or quam_plures, and maybe capitalize the Q and the P if that isn't known to cause issues with computers and servers.
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