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The future of this project but not in a "I want a pony" sort of way. This is all about everything meta about Quam Plures. The general direction, the support tools, stuff like that.

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Re: translations

Postby EdB » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:41 am

If it doesn't have hooks we can add 'em as need be :)

We just gotta kinda try to make sure we add smartly instead of throwing in hooks to get a specific job done. See what we need for one mission, step back a bit and conceptually review the whole shebang, work up hookage that makes sense for the specific mission and many other situations we can envision. Or something like that :)

Hey that thread you linked is in my bookmarks. That means it's on my personal this-would-be-way-cool list and will one day get studied by archeologists digging up servers when mankind rediscovers the home world.
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