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Blog URL "filename" and Category URL "slug":

Not like "it smells funny when I click that". This is for bugs that don't show an error but something just doesn't seem right or ends up doing something you think is wrong. It doesn't show you an error but you know something ain't right.

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Blog URL "filename" and Category URL "slug":

Postby leeturner » Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:16 pm

OK, I have put this one in this forum because it may or may not be technically a bug as QP was doing what I told it to do. It confused me for a while so I thought I should document it as it may be something we want to make better in the future.

I created a simple site, 1 blog, a few pages, 3 categories.
I set the blog url "filename" to 'my-simple-site' and set the blog base URL to be the Absolute URL:
The problem was with one of the categories I had created. For example, if I clicked on the 'Help Me' category I would get the page which was fine. If I clicked on the 'My Simple Site' category instead of the category page I would get redirected to the homepage.

Now the reason seems pretty obvious as I type it but this was obviously because the url slug for the category was the same as the url for the blog (my-simple-site) so it redirected me. The way I normally create my categories is to enter the name and let QP sort out the url slug for me. It didn't come up with a message saying error, this url slug is the same as the blog url or automatically create a different slug for me like my-simple-site-category (or whatever) it just saved it and I went on my merry way.

Perhaps we need to handle this better?

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Re: Blog URL "filename" and Category URL "slug":

Postby Yabs » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:25 pm

That's a failure in logic ... blog url *expects* to be the start of a category path ( if it's not through a stub ) so creating a category only checks against other categories.

Simple fix is to make it also take into account blog urls .... wonder if $Item fails with similar results?

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