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lost password email blocked

Not like "it smells funny when I click that". This is for bugs that don't show an error but something just doesn't seem right or ends up doing something you think is wrong. It doesn't show you an error but you know something ain't right.

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lost password email blocked

Postby EdB » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:25 am

by gmail. I checked the database to make sure of my login when I didn't get the email, then went to gmail to see if it was blocked. Sure enough there it was :(

Dunno anything about what triggers those things but I'll see about sending that same account a message through a different computer or whatever, and maybe leave a comment or whatever to see if I get those emails.

Meanwhile a minimum idea might be to change up the "we sent you an email" message?
If you correctly typed in your login, a link to change your password has been sent to your registered email address.
You might want to check your spam trap if you do not get the email cuz we bloody well sent it.
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