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Scheduled Jobs / Cron

Not like "it smells funny when I click that". This is for bugs that don't show an error but something just doesn't seem right or ends up doing something you think is wrong. It doesn't show you an error but you know something ain't right.

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Scheduled Jobs / Cron

Postby Laibcoms » Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:57 am

For some reason, scheduled jobs are not getting processed even though my cronjob ran successfully without any hiccups. The cron report I'm getting is always clean, successful. But it isn't processing anything in the scheduled jobs.

I have to manually click the "Process" link.

Second thing I noticed: After clicking the "Process" link, it reprocesses the 'finished' jobs too. So for posts, that particular post related job gets a new status of "error" even though it was 'finished' already.

And the Prune job and Captcha job starts to get multiple copies of itself (since it's a repeating job), I have to delete the duplicates.

It started way, way back after I upgraded to the released version. But it was only recently that I decided it has nothing to do with my hosts (and after trying different things - especially since my two blogs are on different hosts. TotalChoiceHosting and CirtexHosting.

As far as logs from server-side, the cron ran successfully. O.O I'm puzzled.
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Re: Scheduled Jobs / Cron

Postby leeturner » Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:44 am

I think cron jobs are a bit of a mess. Ed has done some work in this are I think.

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