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Create Item Type, can't really work with it

A red message that stops the whole page from loading; a full page, but a message that looks like it came from the server; a red box with red text that we made: All of these are bugs you can see, so report them here. kthxbai :)

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Can you copy/paste the error message, or do a screenshot that shows what is wrong? If not maybe you've got a "you can sense it" bug.

Create Item Type, can't really work with it

Postby EdB » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:52 pm

I created an item type "info" so I could make a widget put them in the sidebar. Just like "pages" only not in the same place as pages is why.

The problem is our mainlist doesn't allow us to say if an item type we create goes in the mainlist or not, so those posts are showing up in the list.

I suppose the solution is (at a minimum) a checkbox for "display in mainlist" ?

For now I guess I'll just tweak the shit out of the template....
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