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regex required when field is not

A red message that stops the whole page from loading; a full page, but a message that looks like it came from the server; a red box with red text that we made: All of these are bugs you can see, so report them here. kthxbai :)

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Can you copy/paste the error message, or do a screenshot that shows what is wrong? If not maybe you've got a "you can sense it" bug.

regex required when field is not

Postby EdB » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:02 pm

Add a plugin field with GetDefaultUserSettings, make the defaultvalue be '', and give it a valid_pattern - core will throw an error upon user update if the field is left at the default value. It still does the update - just gives the user an error message box.

Solution to me would be to (at the very least) allow empty fields. Better solution would be to allow whatever is default for that field to pass even if it doesn't pass the regex test.
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