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cacheing containers?

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cacheing containers?

Postby EdB » Mon May 27, 2013 10:20 pm

Been thinking about this one lately. Whatever queries or work is involved in making all the bits in a container, maybe it's something that we should consider cacheing the result of for next page request? Maybe as a per-container option that defaults to "false"? Widgets that do most recent item or stuff like that can change more often than let's say a header or footer container, but if it's fairly stable we could have a way to say "cache that shit" then a way to say "rebuild it/them" ?

Clearly adding or subtracting a widget would trigger a clearing of the cache, which in turn would cause the next page load to store what it put together for that container.

Then we can get complicated and have a checkbox for each container in each blog "cache me", or we get lazy and have a blog setting "cache containers for ___ hours" with 0 being no container caching.

Just thinkin' out loud is all ....
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