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plugin user settings vs user settings

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plugin user settings vs user settings

Postby EdB » Fri May 03, 2013 6:44 pm

It just dawned on me that maybe plugin user settings should be stored in the user settings table instead of a separate table to save on db queries when using them.

Think about it: we add a "plugin ID" field to the user settings table that defaults to NULL, then any plugin settings go straight into the user settings table. When we need user settings (of any kind) we get them from the user settings table.

The idea being you installed a plugin with user settings, so you must want those settings right? so why not get them from the place where we're already getting user settings?

Heck while typing this I just thought of another great idea: we have T_user_settings and T_user_admin_settings for those features which simply don't apply to the front side. admin is already hella crazy busy so it ain't gonna hurt much, and lots of stuff that doesn't matter won't be present out in the public side.
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